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Wärtsilä Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Marine Engine Spare Parts

Wärtsilä marine products and solutions need no introduction to vessel owners. Every one in three vessels on oceanic voyages all over the planet run on revolutionary Wärtsilä ship engines and authentic spares on board. Their marine product line and energy solutions are known for guaranteed performance, sustainable fuel-flexible engines, effortless retrofits, international maritime emission protocol compliance, and extended operational life. 


Their massive product line offers solutions for marine applications in diverse segments: 


  • Passenger vessels (ferries, cruise ships, yachts, etc.)
  • Merchant ships (bulkers, cargo, container, gas carriers, etc.)
  • Offshore vessels (integrated solutions to minimise CapEx and OpEx)
  • Others (fishing boats, tugboats, dredgers, etc.)


Alfa Marine Spare Parts supplies high-quality marine equipment from cutting-edge Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines to spare parts with comprehensive warranty.

Shop Wärtsilä marine engines and generator sets

Our inventory boasts the most extensive stock of Wärtsilä generating sets, medium-speed 4-stroke marine engines, and spare parts. We are the leading seller of premium products from the brand, including: 


  • Wärtsilä diesel engine
  • Dual-fuel engines
  • Gas, methanol, and ammonia engines
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Generating sets
  • Wärtsilä RTFlex marine diesel engine parts
  • Marine gears
  • Waterjet propulsion systems
  • Catalyst systems

Buy Wärtsilä Ship Engines and Generating Sets at Affordable Prices

AMSP is one of the leading Wartsila engine parts suppliers, offering genuine engines, generators, and spares at competitive market rates. From minor needs to bundle packs, we can fulfil orders as and when needed. 


We are located close to Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art warehouse in Kampen, Netherlands. Whatever your needs, AMSP operates 24×7, supplying certified Wärtsilä engine spare parts worldwide. 


Our efficient and cooperative customer support team is only a few clicks away. Fill out the enquiry form with the required product name and part number.

Upgrading to Wärtsilä Ship Engines and Spare Parts

Retrofitting is easy with Wärtsilä’s innovative maritime technology and fleet optimisation solutions (FOS). Switch to Wärtsilä to prevent risks, minimise operational downtime, and stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance.  


Wärtsilä pioneered the fuel-efficient diesel engine era in 1938, signing a licence agreement with the German Company Friedrich Krupp Germania Werft AG. The Finnish Marine Engine and Equipment Company is the proud manufacturer of several Guinness record-holding engines, propulsion modules, dual fuel engines, and more.


Wärtsilä marine equipment has raised the bandwagon for reducing environmental impact and fuel efficiency while inducing zero-emission battery operation and decarbonisation through leading-edge operational processes. The company features products to maintain IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) compliance.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US awarded Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP) & Tier III certification of emissions compliance for Wärtsilä 34DF dual-fuel engines in 2017.

Wärtsilä Marine Engine Spare Parts

wartsila 14

Wärtsilä 14

wartsila 20 engine

Wärtsilä 20

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Wärtsilä 25

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Wärtsilä 26

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Wärtsilä 31

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Wärtsilä 32

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Wärtsilä 46F