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Genuine Mitsubishi Marine Machinery, Engines, and Gensets 

Mitsubishi Heavy-Duty Marine Propulsion Engines and Auxiliary Generator Sets 

Alfa Marine Spare Parts is one of the trusted suppliers of Mitsubishi marine machinery and high-speed engines worldwide. Rest assured, we make it exceptionally effortless for you to purchase heavy-duty marine parts from any preferred location.

Mitsubishi marine engines are the top choice for powering heavy-duty vessels in unrestricted continuous operation. The brand has emerged as a trusted name in the offshore industry, especially in the Asian marine segment. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufactures a huge lineup of marine engines within a far-reaching output range (106 up to 3850 kW) for diverse propulsion, auxiliary, hybrid (diesel-electric), harbour emergency generators, etc. 

Their IMO Tier III and Tier IV engines keep ships sailing international waters compliant with maritime regulations. All Mitsubishi engines feature the revolutionary common system layout to facilitate seamless Selective Catalyst Reduction SCR integration. Integrated SCR system is an advanced technology for minimizing NOx emissions. 

The vibration absorbers with stress-control technology contribute much more than reducing noise and fuel consumption. It protects the engine parts from shocks for an extended life cycle. 

At AMSP, we offer a range of Mitsubishi marine high-speed engines, machinery, and spare parts for your heavy-duty seafaring vessels: 

  • High-speed engines (SA/R and SU series)
  • MET turbochargers for retrofits
  • MHI-MME fin stabilizers
  • MAP Mark-W Propellers
  • Steering gears
  • Supporting device

Why purchase Mitsubishi service parts from Alfa Marine Spare Parts?

AMSP presents a wide range of genuine Mitsubishi engines and spare parts – ready for despatch at our warehouses. We have partnered with 500+ trusted suppliers to induce faster shipping to your location at low delivery costs. 

Explore the entire range on our product gallery or fill out our enquiry form with your required product part number. Our efficient team members can assist you in less than 24 hours. 

We offer competitive prices and seasonal deals on all OEM Mitsubishi spare parts. All AMSP products are covered by an extended warranty alongside the manufacturer’s documents and maritime certificates.



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