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Cummins Marine Engine and Generator Parts

Alfa Marine Spare Parts is one of the prime sellers of genuine Cummins parts and marine engines worldwide. We take intense pride in introducing our customers to the vast gallery of high-quality Cummins marine parts that will keep your watercraft in perfect condition and working for years.

Cummins is globally recognized for manufacturing top-rated sturdy, durable, and high-performing engines for marine vessels, vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, military battle tanks, and more. The trusted brand is committed to help ships, yachts, boats, and others stay continuously on water.

Shop Cummins Engines, Spares, and Generator Sets at Alfa Marine Spare Parts

Our product catalogue features more than one hundred thousand Cummins Engine Spare Parts for marine vessels, including:

  • Marine engines parts
  • Display monitors & MPDs
  • Fuel injectors
  • Instrument panels
  • Generator sets
  • Sensor group position rotary remote throttle
  • Crankshafts
  • Pressure sensors

Additionally, we supply all types of genuine Cummins boat parts and accessories. Our gallery features even the minute spares from the brand to keep your vessel running in perfect condition for decades.

  • Seal-o-rings
  • Connector sockets
  • Washers, capscrews, pins, etc.
  • Pin connectors, clips, plug seals, etc.
  • Adapters
  • Receptables
  • Wedge plugs
  • Clamp hoses
  • Connector tube to Manifold
  • Gasket Turbo
  • Plug seals
  • Blower motor connectors
  • Electrical connectors

While the above are only a few vital Cummins equipment and spare parts we sell regularly, there is lots more in our warehouse ready for sale. If you have problem finding the required Cummins parts, contact us with the part number. We answer 99% queries in less than 24 hours.

We prioritize quality and fastest shipment of all products. Our team works with more than 500 suppliers across the planet for fast and secure consignment delivery to any location. We work with reputed transport companies to ensure optimum protection and effortless shipping operations.

Cummins Generator Parts and Engines Keep You Safely Sailing Anywhere Anytime

Cummins diesel engines are all about maximizing power, torque, and reliability. The innovative mechanism induces turbocharging and pressurized rail injection to maximize power output. Cummins marine engine and spare parts feature electronic controls and efficient combustion technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The brand founded in 1919 is reigning the diesel engine industry since the introduction of their patented ignition fuel delivery system. Their product line is ideal for fishing boats, commercial crafts, passenger boats, pleasure vessels, yachts, workboats, etc.

Furthermore, Cummins parts help you abide by international marine laws and keep sailing your ships on international waters with peace of mind. Cummins is committed to engine and exhaust emission standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cummins marine diesel engine parts are specifically designed conforming with the rules of EPA and IMO MARPOL pollution control guidelines (annex VI).

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