Caterpillar 4361239 Auxiliary Water Pumps for C32 Engines 


Caterpillar 4361239 Auxiliary Water Pumps

Caterpillar engines feature cutting-edge seawater cooling systems for high-end fuel efficiency and prolonged lifecycle. The integration with saltwater treatment eliminates the risk of corrosion in these models. Caterpillar 4361239 Auxiliary Water Pumps are among the top-rated parts to support operations without glitches for C32 engines.

Research reveals that using the best-in-class auxiliary cooling systems in marine vessels can save up to 4% of fuel based on annual consumption comparison.

In this blog post, we are dropping a guide to Caterpillar Auxiliary Water Pumps for C32 Engines. Explore the best models and alternatives to run your engine at its best.

Do Marine Cooling Pumps Use Seawater

Traditional cooling systems exposed seawater to engine components. This induces galvanic corrosion of engine machinery metals. The modern pumps integrate with the heat exchangers to regulate freshwater cooling. Contact with freshwater does not damage the engine parts. Seawater reduces the temperature of the freshwater in the heat exchanger by conduction.

Caterpillar modules feature integrated coolant inhibitor and chemical treatment systems to prevent corrosion of metallic parts in the vessel. Cat engines also allow the partial flow of seawater to gear oil cooling units.

Caterpillar 4361239 Auxiliary Water Pumps – An Overview 

Cat 436-1239 is an auxiliary pump for regulating the seawater in the C32 engine blocks cooling system.

Part Number: Caterpillar 436-1239

Product Dimensions: 15.1 inches (L) x 15.9 inches (H)

Warranty: 12 months Caterpillar Limited Warranty. This is applicable from the date of invoicing and covers material and workmanship defects.

Compatible Models Operating on Cat 436-1239 Seawater Auxiliary Pumps 

These seawater pumps are specifically designed for C32 series products, including:

C32 Generator Set

CG137-12 Gas Engine

C32 Marine Engine & Auxiliary

C32 Petroleum Engine

Why Choose Genuine Caterpillar Marine Parts for C32 Engines

Cat parts are precisely configured to fit Caterpillar engines, auxiliary, and power systems. All parts feature high-quality material and state-of-the-art design for seamless performance and durability. These parts promise longevity compared to low cost, duplicate and aftermarket parts. Caterpillar conducts real-time checking for all parts before packaging to ensure functionality and reliability.

Moreover, the brand is committed to international maritime laws. Cat manufactures engines, generators, and auxiliary systems in line with emission regulations. Ships with Cat propulsion systems and auxiliary powering units are compliant with EPA and IMO emission levels.

Caution – Cheap and low-quality aftermarket parts may damage expensive equipment in the engine. From misfires to overheating, these parts can cause severe consequences when the vessel is on voyage.

Best Water Pumps for C32 Engines 

Other than Cat 436-1239 pumps, C32 engines operate at their best with the following Cat Auxiliary Water Pumps:

296-9886 PUMP GP-AUX (Part number 2969886 is also compatible with CG137-12 Gas Engines)

297-3168 PUMP GP-AUX (Part Number 2973168 is suitable for C32 marine engines, auxiliary systems, and generator sets)

2473835 PUMP GROUP-AUXILIARY PUMP (247-3835 pumps are also available for C32 petroleum engines)

Cat Reman Auxiliary Water Pump 11R-1279 (11r1279 also carries Caterpillar 12-month warranty)

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