Cat 235-2026 Pump GP – Fuel Injection Pump for C27 C32 3412E


Cat 235-2026 Pump

Cat 235-2026 Pump GP is a very popular fuel injection pump running smoothly with a range of Caterpillar equipment across diverse industries. And marine vessels are not an exception in this case. This part number is compatible for Cat C27, C30, C32, and 3412E marine engines.

Genuine Cat spare parts are highly expensive for good reasons. They are the perfect replacement option for the compatible models offering the seamless performance as the original setup. However, the OEM parts and maintenance is the best bet to optimise your watercraft at a small cost compared to engine upgrades.

Part number 2352026 Fuel Injection Pump is also the ideal fit for a range of automobile models besides marine applications. Hence, the demand is always high in the market among repair agencies to evade downtimes.

In this blog post, we are offering a comprehensive guide to Caterpillar 2352026 Fuel Injection Pumps.

Cat 235-2026 – Specifications

Product Name: 235-2026: PUMP GP

Brand: Cat

Dimensions: 17 inches (L) x 12.2 inches (H)

Warranty: 12-month warranty

Cat 235-2026 Pumps GP Overview

Part number 2352026 is a Hydraulic Unit Injector Pump.

Each unit of Caterpillar 2352026 Fuel Injection Pumps is tested under extreme conditions and run under computer-controlled trial at 20 crucial quality attributes before packaging. 2352026 Fuel Injection Pump is resistant to wearing even during high-pressure fuel injections, offering years of continued operation without failure.

Compatible Models for Cat 235-2026 Pumps GP

Equipment Type Compatible Models
Wheel Tractor633E II, 631E, 651E, 657E, 637E
Wheel-Type Loader988B, 988F, 992C, 990, 990 II, 988F II
Wheel Tractor-Scraper639D, 631D, 651B, 631G, 651E, 631E, 637E, 637D, 637G, 657E, 633D
Cold PlanerPM-565B
Wheel Dozer844, 834B
Motor Grader24H
Wheel Loader992D
Track-Type TractorD10N, D8L, D10R, D9R, D9L, D9N
Marine EngineC30, C32, 3412E
Petroleum Products3412E
Underground Articulated TruckAD45, AE40 II
Off-Highway Truck773E, 69D, 769C, 773D, 773B, 771C, 771D, 772B, 775B
Mining Excavator5110B
Industrial Engine3412E
Truck775E, 773E, 773D, 769D


What is a Hydraulic Unit Injector Pump?

This is type of fuel injection system operating on a hydraulic electronic unit injection (HEUI) mechanism. Caterpillar introduced an innovative technology in 1993. The first-of-its-kind computer-controlled injection system for power stroke engines. These injecting systems leverage hydraulic pressure of fuel and injection timing depends on the RPM rather than the engine speed.

The hydraulic system triggers a high-pressure fuel supply to the injector, prompting high-speed fueling at the accurate timing. Depending on the cylinder size and other configurations, the computerized injector releases fuel multiple times for a single combustion cycle.

HEUI systems such as in Cat 235-2026 Pump have emerged as solution to reduce carbon footprints by inducing clean fuel burning and silent engine operation. Much desired for successful business in passenger vessels and pleasure crafts.

Buy OEM Injector GP For Cat 3412E Marine Engines

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