Caterpillar 1747526 Injectors for Cat 3412 Diesel Engines


Caterpillar 1747526 Injectors

Boats configured with Cat 3412 marine engines operate on Caterpillar 1747526 Injectors. It should be noted that the efficiency, fuel consumption, and overall engine performance depend on the functioning of the injectors.

Hence, regular monitoring and quick fixes are the best practices to ensure an extended engine lifecycle. Here we are dropping a product guide to Cat 174-7526 injectors and ways to identify faulty injections in your marine engine.

Effects of Malfunctioning in Cat Fuel Injectors 

Worn, leaking, or clogged injectors in Caterpillar engines cannot deliver efficient performance and fuel supply for combustion.

One of the major problems can be misfiring in the combustion chamber of the cylinder.

First, there can be no combustion at all. This happens in case of clogging when the engine does not receive any fuel.

Second, irregular supply may result in partial combustion.

Finally, random combustion may occur due to intermittent misfiring.

Moreover, there can be rough idling in the engine, causing vibrations due to disruption in fuel-air mixing.

Understanding the Signs of Injector Failure in Engines 

The engine performs best when it receives an adequate amount of fuel in the cylinder at the exact time. Faulty operation in the injector can cause severe damage to the engine parts, efficiency, and performance. Recognizing the problem early and scheduling a repair is the best solution to address such issues. This is necessary to keep the marine propulsion system functioning efficiently without interruption.

There is no cause for concern when the Cat fuel injectors need replacement. The original parts are readily available online. It is a simple replacement job for trained marine repair specialists.

Following are the sure signs that your engine has a problem with the injector system:

  • Surged operation and loss of power are the prime consequences of injector failure. Even minor clogging in the injector can block regular and timely fuel supply to the engine. Irregular fuel supply results in fluctuation in rpm.
  • Misfiring in the engine is another sign that the combust chamber is not receiving fuel at regular intervals. The fuel mixture may pre-ignite due to overheating under such circumstances.
  • Watch out for excessive fuel supply or leaking. Mutilated springs may induce large amounts of fuel to the engine. This is easy to identify by measuring the fuel consumption.

Buyers’ Guide to Caterpillar 1747526 Injectors

Brand: Caterpillar (Cat)

Part Number: 174-7526

Product Dimensions: 14.2 inches (L) x 5.3 inches (H)

Warranty: 12 months warranty from Caterpillar


Part number 174-7526 is a reference code for Caterpillar 1747526 Injectors. These injectors are ideal fit for 3412E engines for marine applications and other Cat equipment across diverse industries.

These Cat fuel injectors feature cutting-edge designs and mechanisms to support precise action for fuels low in sulfur and lubricity. The coated plunger ensures optimum resistance against chemical impact and wear. All Cat parts are tested under extreme conditions before packaging to ensure 100% functionality, safety, and reliability.

Compatible Equipment Information 

  • 3412E Marine Engines
  • 657E 631E 651E Wheel Tractors
  • AD45 AE40 II AD40 AE40 Underground Articulated Trucks
  • 69D 775D Off-Highway Trucks
  • 657E 651E Wheel Tractor Scraper

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