Caterpillar Auxiliary Water Pump 4361239

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436-1239 | 4361239
Auxiliary Water Pump
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      Product Description

      Caterpillar Auxiliary Water Pump 4361239 - Keep Your C32 Engine Cool

      Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your Caterpillar C32 engine with the genuine Caterpillar Auxiliary Water Pump 4361239. Available at Alfa Marine Spare Parts, this essential pump is designed to regulate seawater flow within the engine's cooling system, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient operation.

      CAT Auxiliary Water Pump Built to Withstand the Sea

      Engineered with premium materials and rigorous testing, the Caterpillar 4361239 auxiliary water pump is built to thrive in the harsh marine environment.
      • Durable Construction: Withstands corrosion and wear for long-lasting performance.
      • Seawater Compatibility: Designed specifically for saltwater applications.
      • 12-Month Caterpillar Warranty: Ensures peace of mind and protection for your investment.

      Fits a Wide Range of Caterpillar Marine Engines

      The Cat 436-1239 auxiliary water pump is compatible with a variety of C32 engine applications, including:
      • C32 Generator Set
      • CG137-12 Gas Engine
      • C32 Marine Engine
      • C32 Marine Auxiliary
      • C32 Petroleum Engine

      Key Features and Benefits of Caterpillar Auxiliary Water Pump 4361239

      • Genuine Caterpillar Quality: Ensures perfect compatibility and optimal performance with your C32 engine.
      • Seawater Regulation: Maintains consistent engine temperature for efficient operation.
      • Durable Design: Understand the harshest marine conditions.
      • 12-Month Warranty: Provides peace of mind and protection.

      Ready to Upgrade Your Marine Auxiliary Water Pump?

      Invest in genuine performance and reliability with the Caterpillar 4361239 auxiliary water pump. Alfa Marine Spare Parts offers a wide variety of genuine Caterpillar parts to keep your marine engine running smoothly.Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote on the Caterpillar 436-1239 auxiliary water pump!We also carry a comprehensive selection of Caterpillar Remanufactured auxiliary water pumps for C32 engines.