Get Your Ship Ready to Sail in Storms With Genuine Cummins Parts


It was never easy to sail in the deep water, but technology has made it enjoyable and safe today.

All credit goes to all the engineers and researchers who have done years of research to manufacture the parts that we are using today to build a vessel.

Whether it’s a component of a small boat or a vast cargo ship, every part took years of experience and hard work to help humans see marine life.

And the hard work of our engineers is totally worth it.

One such brand that has made a great contribution to making it possible for us to enjoy marine life is: Cummins

The brand has years of experience in making engines, and here is the List Of a few Marine propulsion Engines By Cummins

  • QSK60: Power: 2000 – 2700 hp
  • QSK38 Tier 4 IMO III: Power: 1000 – 1500 hp
  • B4.5L for Marine: Power: 102 – 250 hp
  • KTA50: Power: 1180 – 1875 hp
  • KTA38: Power: 850 – 1500 hp
  • KTA19 CCEC: Power: 500 – 700 hp
  • KTA19: Power: 500 – 700 hp
  • 6CT/6CTA8.3: Power: 164 – 270 hp
  • N855 CCEC: Power: 240 – 450 hp
  • N855: Power: 270 – 480 hp
  • QSM11: Power: 300 – 715 hp
  • QSB6.7/QSB: Power: 230 – 550 hp
  • VTA28: Power: 565 – 815 hp
  • 6BT5.9: Power: 104 – 150 hp
  • QSK60: Power: 2000 – 2700 hp
  • QSK38 Tier 4 IMO III: Power: 1000 – 1500 hp
  • B4.5L for Marine: Power: 102 – 250 hp
  • KTA50: Power: 1180 – 1875 hp
  • KTA38: Power: 850 – 1500 hp

Though the list is quite long but if you want to explore the features of other engines, you can compare them before making decisions. You can visit Cummins’ official page or contact our experts at ALFA Marine Spare Parts. You will get in-depth details.

Reasons to Trust Cummins Marine Power Parts

Today, Millions of people trust and rely upon cummins for their quality by most businesses for the following three reasons:

High-performance Cummins Engines: Every Cummins product is designed, invented, and manufactured in accordance with international standards by engineers who are both knowledgeable and experienced. These engineers also put the engines through rigorous testing to ensure that our customers can use them to their full potential.

Durable & Cost-effective: Cummins engines are made to withstand the toughest conditions and demanding environments. They consistently deliver reliable power, thanks to their robust and resilient design.

Comprehensive Aftermarket Service: Cummins engines and products that are marketed by the brand itself, as well as by Cummins authorized dealers, come with a global standard warranty and after-sales service. This gives you the confidence to entrust our trained engineers and technicians with the responsibility of engine maintenance and repair.

Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts for Genuine Cummins Parts

It’s important to find a dependable and high-quality marine spare parts provider when you need engine parts for your boats. ALFA Marine Spare Parts is a trusted partner that focuses on quality. We will give you genuine engine parts that meet the most significant performance and durability standards.

Additionally, we will provide a diverse selection of marine engine components for you to choose from, such as crankshafts, cylinder heads, pistons, and more. As a trusted marine power parts supplier, we understand these components play a critical role in a marine vessel’s overall performance and safety.


I have a Cumine Marine Engine. Where can I Find Parts and Services?
You can get it from ALFA Marine Spare Parts, as we are an authorized dealer and deliver it on time.
Can I Trust the Quality of the Marine Spare Parts I Purchase?
It depends on where you by these components from. If you choose us as a marine spare parts supplier, you can trust the quality of the parts you purchase.
Where can I Find The Model of My Cumine Engine?
A data plate on the engine block might have the model number and other details.
How Quickly can I Get My Marine Spare Parts Delivered?
We are always stocked with marine power parts, and we have a team that makes sure you get your delivery timely.

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