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Choosing Cummins injectors for marine engines can be a daunting task. But when you want to break the waves without manipulating the components below the deck, the authentic spare parts come to the rescue.

Like the cousins on the land, the performance of nautical crafts depends on accurate fuel supply and injection sequences in the combustion chamber. The fuel injection system of the marine engine impacts the fuel consumption, emission levels, and overall vessel operation.

Read on to explore why Cummins fuel injectors is the best match for diverse marine applications.

What is an injector in marine applications?

An injector is a vital component of the fuel injection mechatronic circuit in a watercraft. The system regulates the fuel supply in the internal combustion chamber of the engine.

The electronic control unit (ECU) of the system modulates the injector to release the accurate amount of fuel required for the combustion. It is made of multiple integrated components, including an electromagnetic solenoid, the sprayer nozzle, and a needle.

Futuristic Cummins Injectors for Enhanced Efficiency and Fuel Economy 

The revolutionary fuel systems in Cummins engines ensure the best fuel economy, low emission, and 99.9% uptime at minimum maintenance and extended overhaul periods.

Cummins has introduced the one-off HD XPI System for fuel management based on the common rail system module. The system caters to fleets operating on heavy-duty engines for mid-range applications.

This tailored mechanism induces optimum injection pressure depending on the required fuel discharge to the combustion chamber. The system integrates air pressure in the cylinder using piston strokes. It is supported by first-rate steel nozzles to create pressures up to 37,000 psi.

The advanced design and mechanism of the injectors make Cummins marine engine one of the trusted solutions for emission standards compliance.      

Advantages of Common Rail Fuel Injection System 

Cummins injectors for marine engines are available in the 1600 to 2600 bar range to match varying configurations.

Pressure-focused Design 

The pressure forward design of the Cummins fuel injecting systems prevents damage to the system triggered by fuel-toted debris and impurities. These injectors have pressurized spring cavities to prevent the heated fuel from flowing back into the cylinder. It also eliminates the chances of leaking and overheating.

Robust Leak-resistant framework

Eliminating leaking in the injector parts and nozzles is one of the best ways to curb parasitic fuel wastage. Top-notch material composition and tactically designed Cummins OEM injectors can reduce fuel consumption by 25% without compromising performance.

Enhanced Efficiency

All Cummins fuel injectors are tailored for specific discharge requirements based on the engine module. These injectors are modified for maximum fuel savings while raising the efficiency by 5% compared to traditional injection systems in diesel engines.

Monitored and Seamless Boat Operation 

The brand models facilitate effortless integration with the Cummins Control Module monitors for the convenience of vessel operators.

These modular panel systems are based on the Quantum System electronics infrastructure to take control of the operations in the engine room. The C Command panels integrate with engines for propulsion and auxiliary applications.


Model No. 3411754
Engine Model ISME, QSM
Part Number 3411754, 3087772
Stroke 4-stroke
Fuel Diesel
Cylinder Multi-cylinder
Trademark Cummins
HS Code 840999
Body Material Steel
Part Type/Component Fuel Injection Device
Certification ISO9001, TS16949, CE, E-Mark, CCC, RoHS


Description: Part number 3087772 is a Cummins Fuel Injection device for ISME QSM Diesel engines.

What to do if you cannot find the required Cummins marine parts online?

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