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FUEL INJECTOR - 2500 / 2506TAG3 / 2506C / 2506TAG4
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      Product Description

      Alfa Marine Spare Parts - Fuel Injector (CH11945)

      Alfa Marine Spare Parts is a leader in providing top-quality marine components, including the Fuel Injector with part number CH11945. This injector is specially crafted for Perkins engines, ensuring optimal performance and dependability.

      Product Overview

      • Product Name: Fuel Injector
      • Part Number: CH11945
      • Description: FUEL INJECTOR - 2500 / 2506TAG3 / 2506C / 2506TAG4
      • Brand: Perkins

      Key Features

      1. Engine Compatibility:
        • Designed for Perkins engines 2500, 2506TAG3, 2506C, and 2506TAG4, ensuring a perfect fit and superior performance.
        • Using genuine Perkins parts ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of your engine.
      2. Quality and Reliability:
        • Manufactured by Perkins, a trusted name in engine parts, this fuel injector meets the highest standards of quality and durability.
        • Undergoes rigorous testing to ensure each unit performs consistently even in demanding marine environments.
      3. Enhanced Performance:
        • The CH11945 fuel injector ensures precise fuel delivery, which is crucial for optimal combustion and engine efficiency.
        • Improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, meeting contemporary environmental standards.
      4. Ease of Installation:
        • Designed for straightforward installation, this fuel injector allows for quick replacement, minimizing maintenance downtime.
        • Clear instructions and no need for specialized tools make it accessible for both professional technicians and experienced boat owners.

      Why Choose Alfa Marine Spare Parts?

      Alfa Marine Spare Parts is synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s why they are the preferred choice for marine spare parts:
      • Comprehensive Product Range:
        • Offering a wide selection of marine spare parts, catering to diverse needs and engine types.
      • Expertise and Experience:
        • With extensive experience in the marine industry, Alfa Marine provides expert advice and support to ensure you get the right parts for your specific requirements.
      • Outstanding Customer Service:
        • Their dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with inquiries and provide thorough after-sales support.


      The Fuel Injector (CH11945) from Alfa Marine Spare Parts exemplifies the blend of Perkins' engineering excellence and Alfa Marine's commitment to quality. Whether you are replacing a worn-out injector or upgrading your engine, this fuel injector guarantees enhanced performance and longevity.For those who prioritize reliability and efficiency in their marine equipment, the CH11945 fuel injector is an excellent investment. Trust Alfa Marine Spare Parts to keep your marine engine running at its best, regardless of the challenges posed by the marine environment.