Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 | 0R-7732

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197-4854 | 0R-7732
Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 | 0R-7732
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      Product Description

      Introduction to Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 | 0R-7732

      Ensure optimal performance and longevity for your Cat marine engine with the genuine Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 from Alfa Marine Spare Parts. This essential seawater pump is designed to circulate exterior water through your engine's auxiliary cooling system, safeguarding it from harsh marine environments.

      Cat PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 Built for Brutal Seas

      Experience the exceptional quality and durability you expect from a genuine Caterpillar part. The Cat 197-4854 pump is meticulously engineered to withstand the demanding conditions at sea:
      • Rugged Construction: Features a robust bronze housing and stainless-steel structure that resist corrosion for extended service life.
      • Enhanced Durability: The redesigned impeller improves coolant flow and protects the water seal, while improved oil and coolant seals provide exceptional longevity.
      • Stainless Steel Shaft: Resists corrosion for reliable performance, even in saltwater environments.

      Introduction to Caterpillar PUMP GP AUX 0R-7732 - Remanufactured The Performance

      In addition to the new Cat 197-4854 pump, Alfa Marine Spare Parts also offers the Cat Reman PUMP GP AUX 0R-7732. This remanufactured option delivers excellent performance at a fraction of the cost:
      • Same-as-New Performance: Cat Remanufactured parts undergo a rigorous process to ensure performance and reliability meet the same standards as new components.
      • Eco-Friendly Choice: Remanufacturing reduces environmental impact by giving new life to existing parts.
      • Cost-Effective Solution: Enjoy significant savings compared to the cost of a new pump.
      Please note that the availability of the 0R-7732 Reman option may vary. Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts for details.

      Cat PUMP GP-AUX 1974854 Maintenance

      While the Cat 1974854 pump requires minimal routine maintenance, keeping it clean and free of debris is essential. Alfa Marine Spare Parts offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions suitable for marine environments. Contact our parts specialists to discuss your Cat 1974854 pump maintenance needs.

      Fits a Wide Range of Caterpillar Marine Engines

      The Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 is compatible with a broad range of Cat marine engines, including:
      • 3412E Marine Engine
      • C32 Marine Engine
      • And potentially more!
      Verify compatibility with your specific Cat model by contacting Alfa Marine Spare Parts.

      Key Features and Benefits of Cat 1974854 Pump

      • Genuine Cat Quality: Guarantees perfect fitment and optimal performance within your Cat marine engine cooling system.
      • Durable Marine Construction: Engineered to withstand the harsh saltwater environment.
      • Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Improved impeller design optimizes coolant flow for superior engine performance.
      • Alfa Marine Spare Parts Support: Our team is here to assist you in selecting the right pump and maintenance plan for your needs.

      Other Alternative Part Numbers of Cat 197-4854

      • CA0R-7732 (Remanufactured Option)
      • CA0R7732 (Remanufactured Option)
      • 0R-7732 (Remanufactured Option)
      • 0R7732 (Remanufactured Option)
      • CA197-4854
      • CA1974854
      • 1974854
      • 197-4854
      While the Cat 197-4854 is a genuine Cat part, the 0R-7731 and 0R-7732 are remanufactured alternatives. Alfa Marine Spare Parts can help you decide which option is best for your specific needs and budget.

      Ready to Upgrade Your Cat Pump?

      Invest in reliable cooling performance and safeguard your Cat marine engine with the Caterpillar PUMP GP-AUX 197-4854 or Cat Reman PUMP GP AUX 0R-7732. Alfa Marine Spare Parts is your trusted source for high-quality Cat parts to keep your vessel running smoothly.Contact us today to discuss your needs and order your Cat pump!