Caterpillar 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve

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239-1134 | 2391134
Caterpillar 24V Ether Starting Valve-239-1134-Cat
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      Product Description

      Introduction to Caterpillar 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve

      Ensure dependable cold-weather engine starts with the genuine Caterpillar 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve. This critical Cat component is designed to deliver optimal performance in harsh conditions, making it ideal for construction, mining, forestry, and other demanding applications.Looking for a replacement part number? This Caterpillar 24V Ether Starting Valve is also known by:
      • CAT 239-1134
      • Caterpillar 239-1134

      Caterpillar 239-1134 Built for Reliable Performance

      Experience the long-lasting durability expected from genuine Caterpillar parts. The Cat 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve is constructed to withstand the rigors of everyday use:
      • Durable Construction: Built to endure extreme temperatures and demanding environments.
      • Genuine Cat Quality: Guarantees precise valve function and reliable performance.
      • Cat Expertise: Backed by over 90 years of Cat engineering excellence.

      Caterpillar 24V Ether Starting Valve Maintenance

      While the Caterpillar 24V Ether Starting Valve is designed for extended service life, routine maintenance is recommended to optimize performance. Alfa Marine Spare Parts offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions and service kits specifically formulated for Cat starting systems. Contact our parts specialists to discuss your Cat ether starting valve maintenance needs.

      Fits a Wide Range of Caterpillar Equipment

      The Caterpillar 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve is compatible with a broad range of Cat models, including:
        • Wheel-Type Skidders: 525C, 525D, 535C, 535D, 545C, 545D, 555D
        • Truck Engines: C15
        • Integrated Toolcarriers: IT28G, IT38G, IT38G II, IT62H
        • Wheel-Type Loaders: Refer to compatible models list below for specific models.*
        • Wheel Tractor-Scrapers: Refer to compatible models list below for specific models.*
        • Site Prep Tractors: 2864C, 586C
        • Off-Highway Trucks: 772, 777, 777G
        • Material Handlers: MH, MH3037, MH3295, M325D, M325D L
        • OEM Solutions: TR43-C18L 3412C
        • Motor Graders: Refer to compatible models list below for specific models.*
        • Hydraulic Shovels: 6015, 6015B
        • Articulated Dump Trucks: 725, 730, 735, 740 
        • Track-Type Tractors: D5R LGP, D5R2, D6R, D6T, D6N, D7E, D8, D9, D10N, D10R, D10T, D11R, D11T, D6R III, D7R Series, D7R XR
        • Asphalt Pavers: AP-1000D, AP-1055D, BG-2455D, BG-260D
        • Pipelayers: 572R II, 583T, 587T, PL72, PL83, PL87
        • Log Loaders & Forestry Machines: 558
        • Water Fording Tractors: D7R II
        • Mobile Hydraulic Power Units: 336D L, 336E, 385C, 385C L
        • Petroleum Packages: CX31-C15I, CX35-C18I, TH31-C9I, TH48-E80
        • Generator Sets: C27, C32
        • Wheel-Type Loaders: 924G, 924H, 924K, 928HZ, 930H, 930K, 930M, 938G II, 938H, 938K, 950G II, 950H, 950L, 950M, 950K, 952F XE, 953D, 962G II, 962H, 962K, 962L, 962M, 966D, 966E, 966F, 966H, 966K, 966L, 966M, 966XE, 972H, 972K, 972L, 972M, 973, 973K, 980C, 980F, 980G, 980H, 980K, 980L, 980M, 982M, 986H, 986K, 988G, 988K, 988K XE, 988GC, 990H, 990K, 992K, 993K
        • Wheel Tractor-Scrapers: 623K LRC, 627G, 627H, 631E, 631G, 631K, 633E II, 637D, 637E, 637G, 637K, 651E, 657E, 657G
        • Motor Graders: 120K, 120M, 120 GC, 12M 2, 12M 3, 12M, 140G, 140H, 140K, 140M, 140M 2, 140M 3, 143H, 160H, 160K, 160M, 160M 2, 160M 3, 163H, 24M 
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      Key Features and Benefits of Cat 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve

      • Genuine Caterpillar Quality: Guarantees superior performance and long-lasting durability.
      • Enhanced Engine Starts: Reliable cold-weather starting, even in harsh environments.
      • Durable Construction: Built to withstand extreme temperatures and demanding applications.
      • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Contributes to optimal engine performance and reduced fuel costs.
      • Reduced Emissions: Supports environmentally conscious operation.
      • Plug-and-Play Design: Simplifies installation and maintenance (when replacing like-for-like).
      • Cat Reliability: Backed by over 90 years of Cat engineering excellence and rigorous quality control.

      Other Alternative Part Numbers of Cat 239-1134

      • CA2391134
      • 239-1134
      • 2391134

      Ready to Upgrade Your Caterpillar 24V Ether Starting Valve?

      Ensure dependable engine starts with a genuine Caterpillar 239-1134 24V Ether Starting Valve. Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts today to place your order. Our team of parts specialists can assist you in selecting the right valve for your specific Cat equipment and answer any questions you may have.We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to keep your operation running smoothly. Upgrade your Cat starting system today and experience the reliability and performance you expect from genuine Caterpillar parts.