Optimize Cat Marine Engines with Cat ECM 3077541 | 3077542

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Alfa Marine Parts

Attention Cat Marine Owners! Are you looking to maintain complete control and awareness of your vessel’s operation? Look no further than the genuine Caterpillar Marine Power Display Electronic Control Module (ECM) from Alfa Marine Spare Parts.

This blog post dives deep into the Cat Marine Power Display, including its functionalities, compatibility, and why it’s crucial for your Cat Marine engine (be it a Cat 3077541 or a Cat 3077542).

What is a Cat Electronic Control Module?

The Cat Marine Power Display, also known as the Cat ECM, is an essential component for any Cat Marine application. It provides critical engine data directly in your operator compartment, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure smooth operation.

Key Features and Benefits Of Cat ECM

  • Genuine Cat ECM Quality

When you purchase a Cat Marine Power Display from Alfa Marine Spare Parts, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and reliable performance within your Cat marine system.

  • Enhanced Operator Awareness

The Marine Power Display provides a comprehensive set of engine data, including RPMs, temperatures, fuel levels, and alarms. This vital information empowers you to monitor your engine’s health and take proactive measures to prevent any problems.

  • Durable Polycarbonate Housing

Built to endure the harsh marine environment, the Cat Marine Power Display features a tough polycarbonate plastic housing that protects the unit from impacts, harsh elements, and corrosion.

  • Protective Display Cover

The Marine Power Display also boasts a protective cover that safeguards the display screen from scratches, debris, and accidental damage.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Cat ECM Marine Applications

The Cat Marine Power Display is compatible with a vast array of Cat marine engines and generator sets, including:

  • Generator Sets (SR4B, 3516C, C18, 3516B, 3508B, and 3512B)
  • Marine Engines (3176C, 3176B, 3512C, 3516, C30, 3512, C32, 3408B, 3508, 3412E, 3196, C-12, C18, 3126B, C12, C15, 3412, 3406E, C9, C7, 3508C, 3508B, 3516B, 3516C, and 3512B)
  • Industrial Engines (C-15, 3512B, 3516B, 3516C, and 3512C)

Looking for Alternative Part Numbers Of Caterpillar Marine Power Display?

  • CAT DISPLAY GP-MONITOR 307-7541 (CA3077541, CA307-7541, 3077541)
  • CAT DISPLAY GP-MONITOR 307-7542 (CA3077542, CA307-7542, 3077542)
  • Colored MPD CAT DISPLAY GP-MONITOR 355-9046 (CA3559046, CA355-9046, 3559046)
  • CAT ECM (Electronic Control Module) 212-6187 (CA2126187, CA212-6187, 2126187)
  • Colored Marine Power Display  284-3001 (CA2843001, CA284-3001, 2843001)
  • CAT Marine DISPLAY GP-MONITOR 289-6327 (CA2896327, CA289-6327, 2896327)
  • CAT DISPLAY GROUP-MONITOR 267-8623 (CA2678623, CA267-8623, 2678623)

Invest in Genuine Performance and Control

By replacing your outdated or malfunctioning Cat Marine Power Display with a genuine Cat Marine Power Display from Alfa Marine Spare Parts, you’re investing in the optimal performance and continued control of your Cat marine engine.

Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts Today!

Don’t wait! Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts today to discuss your Cat Marine Power Display needs and order your Cat ECM 307-7541 or Cat ECM 307-7542. Our parts specialists are happy to assist you and ensure you receive the perfect Cat Marine Power Display for your specific Cat Marine application.

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