Cat 3508C Propulsion Engine – Guide & Compatible Parts


Cat 3508C is a 4-stroke diesel-powered propulsion engine featuring standard and reverse rotation systems. This model complies with IMO II emission standards to keep your vessel sailing across international marine zones. However, to keep a Cat 3508C propulsion engine running at its best, it is vital to have supportive equipment set up in the engine room.

In this guide to Caterpillar 3508Cguide, we provide an overview of what this marine engine has to offer for vessels. Keep reading to find compatible Cat parts and accessories for this engine.

Cat 3508C Propulsion Engine – Overview and Features

Cat 3508C of the Caterpillar 3500 series engines is specially designed for uninterrupted power supply in marine vessels under extreme weather conditions. The V8 cylinder configuration and high-pressure drop-in injection system eliminate the need for any leak collection chamber. This model boasts the best-in-class fuel economy and ultra-low lube oil consumption.

State-of-the-art Electronic Control Unit

This Cat marine engine has durable yet flexible wiring harnesses with IP66 connectors. There is enormous scope to customise wiring installations with an advanced circuitry framework.

Dual Turbocharger Configuration

The secret to the supreme fuel efficiency of the Cat 3508C propulsion engine lies in the twin turbocharger configuration. These units optimise the power supply by producing energy from exhaust gases. Besides minimising emissions, the turbocharger plays a vital role in meeting the power supply in various electrical systems.

Engine-mounted Heat Exchanger

This marine module boasts an engine-mounted Separate Circuit Aftercooling (SCAC) system. There is a single plate-type heat exchanger for the aftercooling and jacket water unit. The compact and space-saving design comprises a single set of inlet and outlet seawater connections.

Multiple Power Sources

Caterpillar 3508C boasts a power distribution box to separate control power from other power sources. The power distribution box comprises built-in circuit breakers for safety from overheating, load stress, and effortless troubleshooting. Boat operators can choose from three different power sources for various onboard applications.

Caterpillar Spare Parts and Accessories for Cat 3508C Marine Engines

Do not know what Caterpillar equipment fits Cat 3508C Propulsion Engine?

It can be time-consuming to find compatible spare parts online from a trusted supplier. We did the hard work so that you can shop for all OEM parts under one roof. Everything comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty at reasonable prices.

Here are the original Caterpillar parts for vessels operating on Cat 3508C modules.

#1. Caterpillar DISPLAY GP-MONITOR 284-3005 | 355-9046

These LCD monitors are uniquely configured to integrate with Cat engines. This device in the boat operator’s room offers a graphical representation of the engine data. It allows vessel owners to remain informed about critical engine health information.

Incorporate a Cat display monitor into your engine operating systems to identify issues quickly as they emerge. This data helps boat operators take necessary measures early to eliminate severe damage, perform regular surveys, and schedule maintenance when needed.


This Caterpillar engine oil pressure gauge can measure 0-100 psi range. The lighted-up dial and anti-fog coated lenses allow boat owners uninterrupted measurement updates in darkness and freezing temperatures. Part number 2752096 indicator integrates with several Cat engines, generator sets, road reclaimers, tractors, and petroleum packages.

#3. Caterpillar Electronic Control Module – GP-REMOTE SPEED 140-2175

This Cat remote engine speed controller works best with Cat 3500 series industrial engines and C280-12 marine engines. Module 1402175 allows boat owners to monitor, control, and enhance the engine capabilities. It features a 10-position connector system matching the electrical wiring layout in Caterpillar engines. Marine professionals highly recommend this Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliant module to meet stringent human health and EU environment safety standards.

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