Caterpillar 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING

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Part Number
212-8255 | 2128255
Caterpillar 212-8255 Harness AS-Wiring
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        Product Description

        Introduction to Caterpillar 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING

        Ensure accurate data transmission between your instrument panel and engine controls with the genuine Caterpillar 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING. This essential part is designed for a variety of Cat engines, providing a reliable connection for optimal engine performance monitoring.Looking for a specific part number? This Caterpillar HARNESS AS-WIRING is also known as:
        • CAT 212-8255
        • Caterpillar 212-8255

        Caterpillar 212-8255 Built for Performance

        Experience the long-lasting durability expected from genuine Caterpillar parts. The Cat 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING is constructed to deliver reliable performance:
        • High-Quality Materials: Built to endure demanding engine environments.
        • Secure Connections: Ensure accurate signal transmission for optimal gauge operation.
        • Cat Expertise: Backed by over 90 years of Cat engineering excellence.

        Caterpillar HARNESS AS-WIRING Maintenance

        For extended service life and optimal performance, we recommend periodic inspections of your Caterpillar HARNESS AS-WIRING. Alfa Marine Spare Parts offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions and inspection services specifically formulated for Cat electrical components. Contact our parts specialists to discuss your Cat wiring harness maintenance needs.

        Fits a Wide Range of Caterpillar Equipment

        The Caterpillar 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING is compatible with a broad range of Cat engines and machines, including:
        • Industrial Engines: 3126B, 3412E, C-10, C-12, C-15, C-16, C-9
        • Marine Engines: 3126B, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3406E, 3412, 3412E, C-12, C-15
        • Machine Engines: C7, C9
        • Motor Graders: 120K, 12K, 140K, 160K
        • Petroleum Products: C7, C9, CX31-C9I, TH31-C9I, TH31-C9P, TH31-E61, TH35-C15I, TH35-E81, CX31-P600

        Key Features and Benefits of Cat 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING

        • Genuine Caterpillar Quality: Guarantees reliable data transmission and accurate gauge readings.
        • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the heat and vibrations of engine operation.
        • Data Link Gauges Compatibility: Ensures seamless communication between engine and instrument panel.
        • Y Pigtail Design: Provides for easy connection to multiple gauges.
        • Cat Reliability: Backed by over 90 years of Cat engineering excellence.

        Other Alternative Part Numbers of Cat 212-8255

        • CA212-8255
        • 212-8255
        • 2128255

        Ready to Upgrade Your Caterpillar HARNESS AS-WIRING?

        Ensure accurate engine data and optimal performance with a genuine Caterpillar 212-8255 HARNESS AS-WIRING. Contact Alfa Marine Spare Parts today to place your order. Our team of parts specialists can assist you in verifying compatibility with your specific Cat engine and answer any questions you may have.We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping to keep your operation running smoothly. Upgrade your Cat wiring harness today and experience the quality and reliability you expect from genuine Caterpillar parts.