BLOG 5 – Cat C32 Engine vs. C32 ACERT: Which is Best for My Vessel?


When choosing the Cat C32 engine, there is often confusion regarding the ACERT and non-ACERT models. The same issue arises with the marine operators looking for Caterpillar C32 parts.
Considering the problems encountered when buying spare parts for Cat marine engines, we have compiled a concise guide for the buyers.
Let us dive into the key differences between the Caterpillar ACERT and non-ACERT versions. This may resolve the dilemma for vessel owners looking to upgrade to a new Cat engine or spare parts.
Cat C32 Engine vs. C32 ACERT – Comparison
Power Range and Rating
Choosing between C32 and ACERT models depends on the power output matching your watercraft. Models with high power ratings may lead to overpowering consequences.
C32 IMO II supports crafts within 660-1450 bhp (492-1081 bkW) while Tier 4 / IMO III Cat C32 engine boasts a higher rating in 1000-1450 bhp (746-1081 bKW).
C32 ACERT Tier 3 engines have a wide power range of 750-1800 bhp (559-1342 bkW).
Camshaft Framework and Mechanism
Non-ACERT modules operate on the innovative Caterpillar Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Unit Injection (HEUI) fuel system. HEUI fuelling is a computer-controlled operation. The mechanism comprises a set of a pump and an injector per cylinder. It regulates the injection using high-pressure lube oil to induce acute strokes to release the fuel into the combust chamber of the engine.
While the ACERT cousins feature Overhead camshafts (OHC) for enhanced lifting and valve timing. Camshafts positioned above the combustion chamber operate without rocket arms and pushrods. These camshafts incite direct actuation for higher fuel economy, RPM capability, and enhanced valve response.
Engine Dimensions
There is not much difference in the size and weight of IMO II-compliant C32 and ACERT Tier 3 models. However, the length of Cat C32 Tier 4 / IMO III can be a concern for a compact engine room.
The cutting-edge configuration of the Cat C32 engine across all variations allows seamless boat operation without additional equipment for thermal management and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). These engines are ideal solutions for small spaces.
Emission Standards
The choice of engine model also depends on the vessel’s voyages across maritime zones. This is subject to international emission regulations.
For instance, if your ship mainly ventures around the US and European zones, C32 Tier 4 / IMO III is the best option.
Oil-change Interval
ACERT engines are configured with advanced installations to prevent pollutants, by-products, and acidic compounds from dripping into the crankcase oil. The extended oil-change interval (up to 1000 hours for A-ratings) means fewer maintenance breaks – the ideal solution for long-distance voyages.
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