10R-1001 CAT HYDRAULIC PUMP – Guide for Ship Builders 



As international maritime regulations impose strict emission restrictions, every vessel owner is looking for emission-compliant systems.

The injector systems in diesel engines introduced in the 90s cannot meet Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI. In the wake of upgrading to Caterpillar engines, the 10R1001 CAT Hydraulic Pump is one of the best models for 3412E engines.

In this guide, we delve into the ins and outs of Caterpillar HEUI systems, their significance for marine engines, and an overview of part number Cat 10R1001.

Understanding the Mechanism of Caterpillar HEUI Pumps

HEUI pumps use an intensifier (piston) to generate high-pressure fuel injection. The system regulates the movement of the piston with pressurised air and engine oil mixture. This triggers the intensifier to push the fuel into the combustion chamber at a very high speed. There is a cross-section in the system to adjust the amount of pressure required in the process.

Read more about Cat HEUI Systems and Pumps here.

Part Number 10R-1001 CAT Hydraulic Pump in Various Engines

Part number 10R1001 serves diverse Cat engines across various industries. Besides serving as one of the crucial boatowners spare parts for 3412E marine engines.

This hydraulic pump is an integral operational unit in C32 and C27 industrial diesel engines. The specification supports the precise fuelling requirement across multiple applications.

Caterpillar C27 and C32 Industrial Diesel Engines are configurable for various operations from agriculture to mining to construction to industrial applications and more. These models also offer superb power density with multiple installation flexibility. This widens the scope of using C27 engines in equipment with compact spaces.

The 10R1001 CAT Hydraulic Pump maintains precise timing when receiving fluid (oil) from the reservoir to the hydraulic circuit. It relies on a computerised system to create the required pressure and oil flow depending on the engine power output, torque, and other specifications.

Cat hydraulic pumps feature precision machined components and tight clearances to maximize volumetric efficiency. It measures and ensures the capability of the pump to regulate a consistent flow rate.

Cat 10R-1001 – Specifications


Brand: Cat

Part Number: 10R-1001

Dimensions: 13.55 inches (L) x 16.95 inches (H)

Warranty: 12 months Caterpillar Limited Warranty

Compatible models: C27, C32, and 3412E

Part number 10R1001 Overview

Part number 10R-1001 is a reman hydraulic pump for supplying oil and pressure to the motors and actuators in Caterpillar marine systems. This Cat hydraulic system works with gear pumps, piston pumps and high-pressure operated vane pumps.

Caterpillar hydraulic pumps feature high-capacity and hard-wearing bearings, bushings, housing, pistons, rotors, vanes, valves, and other integrands to achieve high power density for optimum peak hydraulic system performance. The part comprises high-performance, robust seals and gaskets that withstand extreme temperatures and hydraulic pressure while eliminating leaking issues.

Each Caterpillar part unit is a pattern for engineering updates. These parts are subjected to practical operation against required specifications for testing under rigorous conditions.

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